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Infrared Gas Sensor for CO2 and Selected Hydrocarbons - IRgaskiT®

Edinburgh Sensors, a division of Edinburgh Instruments, supplies the IRgaskiT range of dual-beam infrared sensors that provide true dual-beam infrared, temperature compensated measurement of CO2 and selected hydrocarbons. The outcome is a high accuracy, low drift OEM sensor with single button calibration and optional current and voltage outputs.

In addition, the electronics module supports a wide range of sensors joined through extendable cables and provides the flexibility required of an OEM system. Other features of the IRgaskiT include easy-to-use digital communications, compact design, and reduced cost.

All modules of the IRgaskiT have been developed to enable users maximum flexibility when selecting a system that meets their specific application needs. Edinburgh Sensors also provides IRgaskiT PC data logging software.

The IRgaskiT design is suitable for a wide range of applications where low power consumption (<1W) and space are important.

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Key Features

  • Dual wavelength technology
  • Flexible and compact modular design
  • User-friendly digital communications
  • PC-based software for logging and graphing
  • Excellent accuracy with single button calibration
  • Long term stability
  • Concurrent analogue current and voltage outputs

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