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Infrared Gas Sensor for Low Cost CO2 Detection - Gascheck

Edinburgh Sensors supplies the Gascheck infrared gas sensor range that provides accurate detection and measurement of CO2 at low cost. The sensors come with a choice of diffusion or pumped aspiration technology to provide precise and consistent measurement of CO2 gas concentrations.

The Gascheck series includes instruments to determine CO2 in the ranges 0 – 3000ppm, 0-10% and 0-3% by volume. Other features comprise the option of signifying CO2 concentration using linear (4-20mA) or non-linear (0 – 1V) signal output.

The Gascheck range was originally developed for determining CO2 concentrations in lab incubators, but now has also been adopted for a wide variety of applications where precise measurement of CO2 is needed.

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Key Features

  • Compact design
  • Low cost
  • High-performance detection and measurement of CO2
  • Accurate and reliable measurement of CO2 gas concentrations
  • Choice of pumped or diffusion aspiration technology
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications

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