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Accurate Infrared Gas Sensor for CO2, CO and CH4 - Gascard NG

Edinburgh Sensors supplies the OEM Gascard® NG infrared gas sensor that can be easily integrated into a wide range of gas detection instruments where excellent repeatability, long-term stability, high quality, and reliable measurement of Methane, Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide gas concentrations are needed. These aspects can be attributed to Edinburgh Sensors’ proprietary dual wavelength fail to safe InfraRed (NDIR) sensor technology.

The Gascard series offers a suitable solution for analyzing and measuring both environmental and industrial gases. With automatic temperature and pressure corrections, the sensor allows real-time measurements of environmental conditions and thus provides accurate concentration readings and consistent measurement of target gases.

The sensor head and electronics of the Gascard NG are mounted on a Eurocard PCB with several bit-switches, which allow users to control different aspects of the sensors behaviour including filter type selection and analogue output. The gas sensor is backward compatible with outputs from current generations of Gascard detectors and features onboard true RS232 communications coupled with the option of TCP/iP communications protocol.

In addition, the Gascard NG has integrated features for multi-sensor and multigas operation along with on-board data logging. It is flexible enough to integrate additional gas detection technologies.

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Key Features

  • NDIR sensor technology
  • New electronics platform with improved power and versatility of contemporary microprocessors
  • Extensive temperature compensation
  • On-board barometric pressure correction in the range 800mbar – 1150mbar
  • Wider operating voltage range (7V – 30V) and lower operating voltage (7V)
  • True RS232 communications for data logging and control
  • Backward compatible with the older generation of Gascard detectors
  • Field replaceable IR source
  • Flexibility to integrate additional gas detection technologies
  • Optional on-board LAN support

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