Senseair K30 Development Kit - USB CO2 Sensor from CO2Meter

The K-30 development kit comprises a K-30 series sensor with a USB cable. The cable provides both power to the sensor and connectivity to a GasLab® software application. CO2Meter also provides the easy-to-use GasLab® software free of cost.

The software is required for setup, calibration, real-time data analysis and data logging. It is easy to export data into a .CSV file using the GasLab® software.

The .CSV file can then be imported into any industry-standard spreadsheet or software. The GasLab® can be used on Windows XP or higher versions.

The K-30 development kit will enable rapid prototyping and sensor evaluation for researchers and engineers.

Download the datasheet for more information

Key Features

The key features of the K-30 development kit are:

  • USB support for rapid application development or prototyping
  • 2 analog and 2 digital outputs are provided
  • Configuration software is included
  • 1% or 10% CO2 using NDIR
  • Sensor life expectancy is more than 15 years
  • No maintenance is needed

Example Applications

The main applications of the K-30 sensor includes air handling units, combustion controls, fresh air ventilators and vehicle air conditioning systems. The development kit makes it easy to rapidly setup prototypes or rapid applications.

PHP web application

A basic web server which supports PHP scripting and FTP access can be configured to generate images reporting the CO2 levels in an environment.

Arduino I2C Interfacing

Arduino microcontrollers make an ideal platform for prototyping and data collection with the K series of CO2 sensors. A direct electrical connection is possible using the Arduino’s hardware I2C pins.

Reading CO2 Values from the K30

CO2Meter provide a technical brief on the syntax and signal function/relationship timing when reading CO2 values from the K30 sensor, including code examples.

Download the application note package for more details

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