USB Development Kit for CO2 Sensor and Dataloger - K33 BLG from CO2Meter

The K-33 BLG Development kit is based around a K-33 BLG sensor with soldered connectors for a UART to USB bridge cable. The USB bridge cable provides connectivity, and power connection to both universal power supply and AA battery pack. The kit also has a data logging enable/ disable header and jumper installed.

The K-33 BLG Devkit is designed to measure and store records of environmental parameters such as temperature, relative humidity, and CO2 concentration. The 3mm tube connection cap can be removed by three screws allowing diffusion operation.

The software is required for setup, calibration, real-time data analysis and data logging. It is easy to export data into a .CSV file using the GasLab® software. The .CSV file can then be imported into any industry-standard spreadsheet or software. The GasLab® can be used on Windows XP or higher versions.

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Key Features

The main features of the K-33 BLG Devkit are:

  • Free easy-to-use GasLab® software
  • Sample draw or diffusion measurements can be made
  • Rapid application in development, evaluation, or prototyping for biological researchers and engineers.
  • The sensor module CO2Engine™ -BLG/ELG is developed for battery powered operation with low average power consumption without a compromise in measurement resolution and precision.
  • Virtual RTC (real time clock) enables data and event-logging with time Stamps
  • Reading of logger via I2C connector and SenseAir’s I2C – USB bridge (SADK)
  • It is possible to use I2C or UART communication to read logged data for built in modules
  • Sensor power on, logging start/stop, ABC self calibration, user initiated zero and background calibrations are some of the included events.

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