Small Footprint CO2 Sensor - 5% Carbon Dioxide

The S8 Miniature 5% CO2 Sensor is engineered to act like a safety switch for alarm applications where CO2 leak detection is needed.

Owing to a new optical path design, the S8 can accurately measure CO2 levels up to 5%, yet it has less than a 30x20x10 mm footprint and functions on only 30 mA. This sensor is designed for commercial applications. It offers simple communication via UART which allows one to modify the measurement period and control the Automatic Background Calibration (ABC) period in real time. Background and zero-gas calibrations are also executed in a simple manner.


  • Automatic background calibration
  • Low power, small footprint design
  • Industry-standard UART communication


SE-0037 S8 5% CO2 Sensor Only - Pinless design for incorporation into high-volume OEM products. In stock for next-day delivery, sensors with pins available by special order.

CM-0218 S8 5% CO2 Sensor Development Kit - Easy to use, just plug the sensor module into the PC via USB. Use the free GasLab® software for fast application development or to configure the sensor.

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