Development Kit for Wide Range COZIR CO2 Sensor

The COZIR-WR development kit is equipped with a COZIR-WR sensor coupled with a pre-soldered connector and a serial to USB cable, which supplies power to the sensor as well as connectivity to CO2Meter’s DAS software.

Developers can use the COZIR-WR sensor for quick development, evaluation, or prototyping environment. The sensor can measure 5%, 20% or 100% CO2.

GasLab® is CO2Meter’s next generation software specifically designed for the higher speed COZIR wide range, COZIR ambient, and SprintIR sensors by GSS using CO2Meter’s USB-powered SDK. The easy-to-use software can be downloaded free.

Download the datasheet for more information

Key Features

The electrical / mechanical features of the COZIR-WR development kit are:

  • Includes 6’ (1.8m) USB cable (non-standard)
  • Current consumption: 5.5V, 40 mA average
  • Ultra low power 3.5mW
  • Peak current only 33mA
  • Measurement ranges from 5% to 100%

Download the datasheet for more information

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