Ultra-Low Power, High Performance Ambient CO2 Sensor - COZIR from CO2Meter

The COZIR ultra low power (3.5mW), high performance CO2 sensor is designed to suit battery operation, portable devices and measuring ambient CO2 for HVAC control.

The sensor is based on infrared LED and detector technology and innovative optical designs, and hence offers the lowest power NDIR sensor commercially available.

CO2Meter provides optional temperature and humidity models as well.

The sensing method used for CO2 measurement is NDIR with gold-plated optics, and the sample method used is diffusion.

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Key Features

The main features of the COZIR ambient CO2 sensor are:

  • 3.3V, 3.5mW avg power requirements
  • Operating conditions: 0°C to 50°C, 500mbar to 40bar
  • Peak current only 33mA
  • Low noise measurement (<10ppm)
  • Serial communication 9600/ 8/ 1/ n
  • Analog voltage output proportional to concentration range of sensor
  • Weight 20grams
  • Warm-up time: <3s
  • Measurement rate: 2Hz / 0.5sec
  • Measurement range: 0-2,000ppm, 0-5,000ppm, 0-10,000ppm
  • Two measurements per second
  • Accuracy: ±50ppm ± 3% of reading
  • Pressure dependence: 0.13% of reading per mm Hg
  • Analog voltage output
  • Power input: 3.3 ±0.1 volt DC <3.5mW

COZIR Miniature Carbon Dioxide Sensor

COZIR sensors are available with measurement ranges of 0-2,000ppm, 0-5,000ppm, and 0-10,000ppm
Accessories for your COZIR CO2 sensor include a USB development kit and a gas micro-pump kit

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