Continuous Zoom Thermal Imaging for OEM Integration - Sierra-Olympic’s Vinden CZ

Sierra-Olympic's Vinden CZ is an uncooled thermal imager with continuous optical zoom, with technical capabilities greater than many conventional cooled MWIR zoom cameras. The 17µm uncooled thermal imaging core is integrated with versatile continuous zoom optics.

With its 4X digital zoom and 3X optical zoom options, the Vinden camera ensures improved image processing. It is equipped with a powerful yet low-cost thermal zoom chassis camera having a 12X zoom factor for 640x480 and a 6X zoom factor for 320x240 field of view.

The Vinden series cameras are available as thermal imaging cores with zoom optics, or an integrated package featuring Ethernet control and H.264/MJPEG video output streams.

Two zoom range options are available - focal lengths of 35 to 105mm and 50 to 150mm. The pixel resolutions available are 320x240 and 640x480.

The versions available with 9Hz frame rates can be easily exported to any part of the world, and the ones with 30Hz/60Hz frame rates can record smooth motion, with certain limitations based on end-use and application environment.

Key Features

The main features of the Vinden CZ are:

  • Non-ITAR design
  • Electronic stabilization, local area processing, adaptive histogram
  • Ethernet compatible – UDP camera control, H.264/MJPEG IP-video streaming
  • Digital output: 14-bit CameraLink
  • Analog output: NTSC or PAL
  • Scene-based auto-focus
  • Multiple HDR image display modes
  • Continuous zoom imager designed for OEM integration

Vinden Core and Vinden EX Thermal Imagers

Vinden Core 105
Vinden Core 150
Vinden EX 105
Vinden EX 150

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