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Metra Count - Computing and Displaying Totals from Flowmeters

The Metra-Count is mainly used for calculating and displaying totals from flowmeters or machinery having frequency or pulse outputs. It is capable of displaying re-settable total and an accumulated total in engineering units based on user programming. The user is guided by a simple PIN protected flow chart programming containing English prompts, thereby significantly minimizing the need to refer to the instruction manual.

The pulse output can be chosen to act as an input pulse repeater in order to operate as a signal conditioner module or can be programmed as a scaled pulse output for remote metering. The pulse output requires an external 8 - 24Vdc power supply. The pulse width is auto-ranging 1:1 defaulting to 300ms maximum. It is weatherproof to P66 (Nema 4X) standards, and uses glass reinforced nylon moldings with VitonTM 0-ring seals and stainless steel screws.

Key Features

The main features of the Metra-Count are:

  • Economical
  • Field programmable
  • Universal pulse inputs
  • 0 - 3KHz
  • -20 - 80°C
  • PIN protection
  • 5 –7 year battery life
  • External PSU input
  • Panel or surface mount
  • IS option
  • Pipe mounting options
  • Sturdy UV resistant housing to withstand harsh indoor and outdoor industrial and marine environments


The Metra-Count is suitable for:

  • Flowmeters
  • Fuel consumed
  • Production lines

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