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The SDP3x – The Smallest Differential Pressure/Air Flow Sensor

Sensirion has launched the SDP3x, which is the world's smallest differential pressure sensor. It offers superior precision and repeatability, even below 1 Pa. It also provides long-term stability.

The SDP3x sensor is reflow solderable, and provides prolonged functionality, such as smart averaging, interrupts and rapid sampling time of 2 kHz at 16 bit resolution. The novel sensor is an ideal choice for high volume and cost-sensitive applications where size is vital factor.

Key Features

The main features of the SDP3x sensor are listed below:

  • Smallest size measuring just 5 x 5 x 8mm, which facilitates new dimension of applications
  • Calibrated and temperature compensated
  • Measurement range ±500 Pa (±2 in. H2O)
  • Digital I2C and analog output versions
  • There is no drift and no zero-offset
  • Rapid sampling time of 2 kHz at 16 bit resolution
  • Reflow solderable, shipped in "tape and reel" for "pick and place"


The SDP3x can be applied in the following areas:

  • Heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC)
  • Medical home care applications
  • Lifestyle and consumer products
  • Portable medical devices
  • Filter monitoring
  • Appliances

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