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The FLIR Vue™ Pro - Thermal Imaging for Drones with Video Recording

The FLIR Vue™ Pro is a thermal imaging camera that takes drone thermal imaging and video data recording to new heights. Users can obtain all of the thermal imaging required for their sUAS operations without having to pay for unnecessary functionality.

The FLIR Vue™ Pro is more than a thermal camera. It is a thermal measurement instrument and data recorder, which adds great value to sUAS services and operations. It has been specifically designed for professional use. The camera uses the same industry-leading thermal imaging quality as the FLIR Vue™ , but adds complete data recording of 14-bit still imagery and thermal video.

In addition, the FLIR Vue™ Pro utilizes the popular and handy power-in and video-out connections over a 10-pin mini-USB, making integration simple and ensuring that users have access to analog video for downlinking.

Through direct PWM connections, the FLIR Vue™ Pro provides in-flight control of dual camera functions. It’s scalable MAVLink compatibility make it ready for easy image stitching, needed for applications like survey, mapping, and precision agriculture. The thermal imager can be used with Pix4Dmapper straight out of the box.

With the easy mobile app, pre-flight camera configuration and set-up are made fast and simple, so that users no longer have to carry a PC to their flying site if they have to modify a camera setting. Most importantly with cost-effective MSRPs, the FLIR Vue™ Pro is the only thermal imaging camera required for drone operations, and provides a low-cost alternative to present commercial sUAS operations. The FLIR Vue™ Pro provides users with thermal data to make informed decisions.

On-Board Recording

The FLIR Vue™ Pro is capable of recording 14-bit still imagery and 8-bit digital video in H.264 or MJPEG formats, to a micro-SD card that can be removed. This prevents the loss of data due to transmission loss. The micro-SD card saves the imagery that can be recovered from the card, or alternatively the camera can be plugged into a USB cable, and the PC will view it as a storage device.

MAVLink Integration and Camera Control

The same accessory port connection gives users easy access to dual camera controls over PWM commands, so they can conveniently choose color palettes, start/stop recording, or activate the e-zoom in-flight of the camera from the radio controller.

Easy to Configure

The FLIR Vue™ Pro is supplied with an integrated low-power Bluetooth module, allowing users to easily configure their cameras with FLIR’s customized Android or iOS apps prior to take off. In addition to changing color palettes, users can set their image optimization features, configure PWM inputs, and initiate recording without having to carry a PC to the field.

The FLIR Vue™ Pro features the same powerful thermal imaging core that are employed in popular cameras, and provides extended performance and flexibility at an affordable price.


The FLIR Vue™ Pro is used in the following applications:

  • Precision agriculture
  • Search and rescue operations
  • Power line inspections
  • Roof inspections
  • Cell tower inspections
  • Substation inspections
  • Surveying
  • Security

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