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Highly Sensitive Thermopiles for Gas Density Measurement and Flame Detection - T11262-01

Hamamatsu offers a high-sensitivity thermopile detector called the T11262-01. The device utilizes a TO-18 package with a window that has high transmittance in the spectral band of 3 to 5 µm.

Customers can easily connect an external band-pass filter to the thermopile detector and apply it to different types of gas density measurements. The T11262-01 is perfect for measuring gas density and similar applications.

The T11262-06 uses a 4.45 µm band-pass filter and is ideal for flame detection applications. The band-pass filter features a second order transmission at 10 µm or higher. In case this promotes an undesired effect, a sapphire glass can be installed before the light input window to block the long wavelengths.

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Key Features

  • High sensitivity
  • Spectral response: 4.45 µm (T11262-06), 3 to 5 µm (T11262-01)
  • TO-18 package


  • Flame detection (T11262-06)
  • Gas density measurement and other similar applications (T11262-01)

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