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Detection Hazardous Gases – CTX 300 Fixed Gas Detector

The CTX 300 fixed gas detector can detect CO2, O2, and a wide range of refrigerant and toxic gases.

Available sensor technologies based on application needs include infrared, semiconductor, and electrochemical. It is also offered with or without display.

Reduced Maintenance

The CTX 300 is designed with simple plug-in, pre-calibrated sensors that can easily be replaced and are the only consumable component of the device.

All of the new sensors are factory pre-calibrated, which means during sensor replacement, calibration gas is not required. Remote central controller is also not required and there is no need to adjust the detector.

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Key Features

  • Clear readability
    • LED indicates fault function or maintenance
    • Extremely sensitive, lighted display enables local reading
    • Indicator lights provide effective power-up indication
  • High-level technology
    • High-performance semiconductor type detector for detection of freon gas, etc.
    • Pre-calibrated sensor prevents the necessity to use unstable gases on site for calibration purposes
    • Offered in an infrared version for CO2
  • Heavy-duty
    • Strong housing
    • Use of stainless steel and polycarbonate mounting hardware
    • Resistant to corrosive agents like HCl, sea spray, H2S, etc.
  • Innovative design
    • Prevents the need to use protective covers
    • Extremely resistant to environmental elements
  • Specifically adapted options
    • Splash guard
    • Floats, pitot tubes, heating protective device, etc.
    • Removable filters that can be interchanged without opening the housing which is condensation-proof, dust-proof, and water-resistant
    • Remote calibration cup
    • Mounting brackets
    • Gas collector cone
  • Interchangeable and pre-calibrated sensor modules
  • Can detect oxygen or toxic gases
  • Durable in harsh environments
  • Local display (optional)
  • Up to 5 years of life for O2 sensor

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