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Rapid and Reliable Flame Detection with Live Imaging – FlameVision FV300

FLAMEVision FV300 uses infrared array based sensing technology to provide the ideal programmable flame detector. The protected area is viewed by an array of 256 infrared sensors plus two optical channels.

Dominant algorithms running on a digital signal processor (DSP) are tuned according to the characteristics of a fire. The signals from these channels quickly and reliably identify fires in an accurate manner.

One significant benefit of using an array is that the detector can accurately detect the location of the flame within the field of view. The location information is then used to overlay a marker on the live video output in order to highlight the fire location. The location of fires can be viewed rapidly by the users who then decide on the appropriate action.

The field network interface provides information about the location. User-defined areas present in the field of view can be un-masked and masked dynamically to enhance reliability and control maximum coverage at all times.

An optional integrated color video camera is used to supply the detector in order to display a live image of the field of view. This is in addition to the alarm location and status information, which is available as standard on the video output.

Key Features

  • In-built video camera option to view protected area with status overlay and alarm location
  • Strong DSP with algorithms to provide reliable flame detection up to four events in a simultaneous manner
  • Masking of areas in the field of view
  • Highest immunity to false alarms
  • Detection range: Over 50 m for a 0.1 m2 n-Heptane pan fire
  • Enhanced 256 IR array-based detector

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