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Guided Wave Radar Level Sensor for Powders and Solids with Modbus RTU Communication - GWR-2000

The GWR-2000 guided microwave level transmitter from BinMaster uses time domain reflectometry (TDR) to constantly measure the level, distance, and volume of solids and powders in bins, silos and tanks.

The transmitter is placed on the top of the vessel without any obstruction via a 3” ANSI flange or 1-1/2” NPT opening. A single, flexible 8 mm stainless steel cable with a counter weight is suspended from the transmitter to the bottom of the vessel.

The transmitter discharges a high frequency microwave pulse directed along the cable. When the pulse makes contact with the material surface, the pulse energy is reflected back to the sensor head.

Level can be measured by observing the time difference between the pulse being transmitted and the reflected pulse received. This sensor has a tiny upper dead zone, hazardous location approvals, and guarantees accurate level measurement in low dielectric materials down to 1.3.

Accurate level measurement at the top of the vessel can be ensured because the advanced, high resolution signal processing greatly decreases or eliminates the upper deadband. The TDR technology has been tested to function well in challenging applications with too much condensation, steam, or buildup. The GWR-2000 can handle difficult conditions such as vessels with excessive noise or high dust and air movement.

The GWR-2000 has IP66/IP67/IP68 ratings for protection again water and dust ingress. Housings can be configured as a single chamber a dual chamber is required for the four-wire/Modbus RTU output or a two-wire output. This sturdy sensor is provided with a 8 mm cable with a gravity weight at the end to steady the cable location.

Each sensor is tailored with a ready-to-install cable made according to customer’s preferred length at the factory. It is possible to use guided wave radar in concrete or metal vessels.

The GWR-2000 is designed with self-activating false signal suppression for level accuracy and enhanced reliability. If the probe is broken, the automatic probe monitoring feature reports it instantly so as to avoid damage to discharge equipment in the bottom of the vessel.

The GWR-2000 comes with an extensive array of communications options. Data can be sent to customer’s PLC using a 4 - 20 mA output or Modbus RTU communications.

Data can also be transmitted to BinMasters’s LAN-based eBob software or to BinMaster’s cloud-based BinView program. When using eBob or Binview, a variety of other sensors from BinMaster or other Modbus-friendly sensors can be monitored from the program.

The optional BinDisc interface is incorporated into the sensor housing. It is installed so that it is visible under the housing cover for easy viewing.

The BinDisc makes the setup simpler and provides constant, at-a-glance, operational status of the sensor. It is a handy interface for on-site system diagnosis. Data can also be transmitted to a PLC in a control system.

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Key Features

  • Measuring distance up to 100 feet
  • 4 - 20 mA and Modbus RTU communications
  • Housing is offered in stainless steel, plastic or aluminum
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Reliable accuracy within 0.08”
  • BinDisc facilitates push-button sensor setup and configuration


The GWR-2000 is highly versatile and reliable, and therefore can be used in many applications, such as powders, granules, pellets, and other bulk solids in several cement, plastic, or steel vessels.

The sensing cable allows the GWR-2000 to be used in chambered or narrow vessels, and in vessels with corrugation.

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