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TEGAM Model 1750 High Speed Micro Ohmmeter

The TEGAM Model 1750 High Speed Micro Ohmmeter is the first breakthrough in high-speed production test since the laser trimmer. The 1750 is the first fully integrated, multi-mode, bus controllable, high-speed, digital ohmmeter designed to outperform all other ohmmeters and enhance the performance of the world's fastest laser trimmers and material handlers.

The 1750 accelerates the highspeed production line with "TRUESPEED" performance. In the Fast Mode the 1750 can set-up, zero-out thermal errors, acquire data and make its first reading in less than 12 milliseconds with an accuracy of up to 0.05%! That's "TRUE-SPEED" performance. Subsequent readings are provided every 10 milliseconds at a true rate of 100 readings per second! "TRUESPEED" allows you to maximize the speed of your PLC's, material handlers and production line machinery. The 1750 provides speed and accuracy while automatically rejecting thermal and line noise. Patented circuitry eliminates thermal and electromagnetic measurement errors caused by contact between device handlers and the device-under-test. The 1750 rejects DC and AC noise offsets while maintaining its high speed test performance. This unique feature is only found on the TEGAM 1750.

The 1750's power is in the user's ability to quickly configure it through a selection of standard setup menus. With the 1750 you select your measurement mode, (Resistance, Ohms Comparator or Percentage Comparator), and measurement ranges, (from 2 mΩ to 20 MΩ). You have your choice of reference currents and triggering methods. You can also configure delay times, settling times and automatic thermal and noise rejection. If you don't need all this flexibility, just hit the AUTO RANGE button and enjoy the ride!

The 1750 is the stateof-the-art programmable ohm-meter that operates via front-panel or over the bus. Clearly labeled multifunction keys provide front panel control of range selection, reading modes, delays, triggers and measurement HOLD. Clear menu driven options provide easy setup for more sophisticated operation, too! The Front panel includes a manual TRIGGER and HOLD function and HI/GO/LO indicators for the open collector TTL output.

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