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Custom CCD Camera for NIR Imaging and Machine Vision Applications – Lt1265R

The Lt1265R USB 3.0 camera expands on leading edge EXview HAD II technology to offer low noise, high sensitivity, and high dynamic range. High-grade electronics guarantee clear, sharp and low noise images that render details with remarkable accuracy.

Excellent responsivity up to 1000 nm makes the system a good choice for Near-Infrared (NIR) imaging. This industrial-grade camera is well suited for a number of applications including surveillance, tolling, traffic, unmanned vehicles, machine vision, and high-speed inspection.

A scientific-grade variant is available for the most challenging life science applications such as fluorescence and ophthalmology. The Lt1265R can also be tailor-made to suit OEM designs.

Powerful and reliable USB 3.0

The Lt1265R was built with the newest USB 3.0 technology to deliver the fastest image delivery possible from the Sony ICX834 sensor at its highest resolution. Image captures can be synchronized using either a software or hardware trigger. FPGA-enabled performance, complemented by 128 MB of onboard memory for frame buffering, guarantees reliable and consistent image delivery even in the most challenging machine vision systems.

Unlike certain competitive cameras, the Lt1265R buffer technology delivers all frames at full speed and maximum resolution without creating latency.

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Product Highlights

  • Sony ICX834 sensor with industry leading ExView HAD II Quad Tap sensor technology
  • Quad-Tap mode supports 15 fps at full resolution
  • Zero loss 128 MB RAM frame buffer for reliable image delivery in demanding situations
  • CCD sensor with 1” optical format providing a resolution of 4240 x 2832 using 3.1 x 3.1 µm pixels
  • Numerous data rates supported, each optimized for lowest noise performance
  • Four GPI/O: one optically isolated output, one optically isolated input and two configurable bi-directional I/O ports
  • Region of Interest (ROI) option provides higher frame rates
  • Simplified cabling – video, full camera control and power over a single locking micro USB 3.0 cable
  • Selectable tap read out to match sensor performance to user’s application
  • Selectable 8 or 14-bit pixel data

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