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Using Rotary Position Sensors (OEM) for Extreme Environments

The rotary position sensors from Celera Motion's Zettlex inductive encoders are non-contacting, absolute position measuring devices that utilize a unique inductive position sensing technology. Each rotary position sensor is made up of two major components - an antenna and a target.

The target is passive and the antenna is powered. An electrical output from the antenna reveals the rotary position of the target relative to the antenna.

  • Proven in defense, industrial, aerospace, and medical applications
  • Non-contact technology for high reliability in extreme environments
  • Ideal for low and high volume production requirements

Rotary Position Sensors for OEM Applications

The rotary sensors are delivered in unpackaged form. This makes them perfectly suitable for inclusion within a user’s existing product, such as a robotic arm, PTZ camera, or gimbal system. The antennas and targets can be easily secured to the product using adhesive or screws and does not require precise mechanical mounting.

Celera Motion's Zettlex rotary sensors are ideally suited to harsh environments where optical rotary sensors or electrical contacts would be unreliable. Operation is not affected by dust or condensation.


The key applications of the rotary position sensors are as follows:

  • Missile seekers and lightweight gimbals
  • Electro-optical and infra-red camera systems
  • Rotary joints and gimbals
  • Weapon and antenna pointing systems
  • Heavy and light caliber weapons systems
  • CNC machine tools and robotic arms
  • Servo controls and motor encoders
  • Cranes and telescopic manipulators
  • Test and calibration equipment
  • Packaging and laboratory automation
  • Targeting systems and range finders
  • Surgical equipment and medical scanners

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