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Linear Position Sensors (OEM) for Sensor Technology

Celera Motion's Zettlex inductive linear position sensors are non-contact, absolute linear position measuring systems that utilize a unique inductive position sensing technique. Each inductive linear position sensor is made up of two major components - an antenna and a target.

The antenna is powered with an electrical supply and can be stationary or moving. An electrical output from the antenna reveals the position of the target in relation to the antenna. The target does not have any electrical connections and can be stationary or moving.

  • Non-contact technology for high reliability in extreme environments
  • Proven in defense, industrial, aerospace, and medical applications
  • Ideal for low and high volume production requirements

Linear Position Sensors for Extreme Environment OEM Applications

Celera Motion's Zettlex OEM linear position sensors are delivered in unpackaged form. This makes them perfectly suitable for inclusion within the user’s existing host product such as a wear sensor, gauging probe, or actuator. The Antenna and Target can be connected to the host product using several methods (according to the specific product), including nylon screw and adhesives.

The linear position sensors are ideally suited for harsh environments where optical linear position sensors or electrical contacts would be unreliable.


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