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IncOder™ Inductive Angle Encoders for High-Precision, Reliable Measurement in Harsh Environments

Celera Motion's Zettlex IncOders are non-contact devices designed for precision angle measurement. Using an inductive method, they operate like a transformer. IncOders may be thought of as an inductive angle encoder.

IncOders are perfectly suited to extreme environments – where optical, potentiometers, or capacitive devices may not be reliable.

  • Non-contact technology for high reliability in severe environments
  • Proven in defense, aerospace, industrial, and medical applications
  • More than 100 million product configuration choices available

High-reliability Inductive Angle Encoder Technology

IncOders have two key parts – a rotor and a stator – both shaped like a flat ring. The large bore enables easy accommodation of slip-rings, through-shafts, pipes, optical-fibers, or cables.

The rotor is passive and the stator is powered. The stator has the electronics to receive power and produce an output signal. The output signal from the stator exhibits the true absolute angular position of the rotor relative to the stator without requiring any motion.

Simple Installation; ‘Fit and Forget’ Technology

IncOder inductive angle encoders do not need special or compliant couplings and the stator and rotor can simply be screwed onto the host product. Precise mechanical mounting is not needed, and there are no bearings.

Optical or capacitive angle encoders tend to be unreliable in severe conditions – particularly with dust or condensation. On the other hand, the IncOder Series angle encoders are generally unaffected by foreign matter. IP67 rated versions are available. In contrast to capacitive devices, there is no need to earth the stator or rotor. Monolithic constructions and sturdy, hard-anodized aluminum alloy housings are used throughout.

Celera Motion's Zettlex IncOders do not have any delicate, contacting, or wearing parts, so there is no need for systematic service, replacement, or maintenance. In other words, IncOder angle encoders are true ‘fit and forget’ systems.


Celera Motion's Zettlex IncOders are used in the following products:

  • Actuator servos and motor encoders
  • Antenna pointing devices and telescopes
  • Cranes and telescopic manipulators
  • Electro-optical and infra-red camera systems
  • Heliostats and solar equipment
  • Heavy and light caliber weapons systems
  • Rotary joints and gimbals
  • Robotic arms and CNC machine tools
  • Packaging and laboratory automation
  • Surgical equipment and medical scanners
  • Test and calibration equipment
  • Targeting systems and range finders

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