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LinTran™ Inductive Angle Encoders for Aerospace and Industrial Applications

​The Zettlex LinTran inductive linear encoders are non-contact absolute linear position measuring devices that use a unique inductive method. Each linear encoder consists of two main components – a stator and a target. Compared to the target, the stator is longer, and is powered with an electrical supply. The stator can be stationary or moving.

An electrical output from the stator reveals where the target is positioned relative to the stator. The target does not have any electrical connections and can be stationary or moving.

  • 12 bit resolution; ±0.25% full scale linearity
  • Non-contact technology for high reliability in challenging environments
  • Broad range of measurement ranges and output modes available

High-reliability Inductive Linear Encoder Technology

The Zettlex LinTran encoders are sealed to IP67 standards and are best suited for severe environments where optical transducers or electrical contacts would be unreliable. The LinTran linear encoder range provides a cost effective substitute to magnetostrictive devices, LVDTs, or precision potentiometers.

The LinTran inductive linear position encoders possess broad mounting tolerances and are field-programmable without a PC.


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