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UWATEC Analog Depth Gauge from Divers Warehouse

UWATEC DEPTH GAUGE - All Uwatec analog gauges include graphic designs making the gauges easy to read. They all feature highly luminous dial faces, bold incremental markings and clearly indicated danger zones. Uwatec analog gauges are all housed in im pact resistant cases. In fact, Uwatec analog gauges have been designed and built for maximum reliability, no matter what the diving circumstance. The Uwatec Anatomic Depth Gauge is a typical example of the attention to detail that Uwatec has been fam ous for in the design of its analog range. Along with its comfortable curved shape, this functionally designed gauge is clearly marked with one meter (two feet) increments and is available with a Maximum Depth Indicator. As with all Uwatec depth gauges, the Anatomic Depth Gauge's Maximum Depth Indicator needle has a screw bezel that's easy to adjust. This is especially handy when the diver is wearing the bulkiest of dive gloves. For the wrist strap we have selected a specially cured rubber that can be tensioned to hold the Anatomic Depth Gauge snugly on the diver's wrist.

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