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Catalytic Point Gas Detector for Flammable Gases – EX05

The EX05 is a catalytic gas detector that has the potential to respond to all flammable vapors or gases. This detector has been certified for use in a zone 1 hazardous area and interfaces directly with the MDXI and the ECHO range of controllers.

It is considered to be the perfect solution for an optimized quality/price ratio. This flammable gas detector can be used in hazardous areas as it is available with an explosion proof body.

Key Features

  • Short response time < 15 sec
  • ADF housing (flame proof) and corrosion treated aluminum, IP66 protection
  • Connection is shielded by 3-conductor cable (3 x 1,5 mm2/overall shield)
  • Exceptional resistance to catalytic poisons and outstanding durability
  • Catalytic oxidation which responds to all flammable gas, including hydrogen


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