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Industrial Fixed Gas Detector with Pre-Calibration – OLCT 60

The OLCT 60 Series are a new generation of superior quality gas detectors which covers all industrial requirements for a number of applications.

Remote or On-Board Sensor

The OLCT 60AD version allows the sensor to be installed remotely up to 15 m (standard), thereby enabling detection in inaccessible locations, or in Zone 0 in the case of the intrinsically safe (IS) version. The detector units are composed of 316 L stainless steel and are sturdy and resistant to corrosion. It is possible to disconnect pre-calibrated sensors by turning the head of the unit. These “smart” sensors can be calibrated outside unsafe areas.

The OLCT 60 is fitted with non-intrusive access to a safe menu. In unsafe areas, calibration can be performed with an operating mode in keeping with safety rules.

  • Access to maintenance menu
  • Standard gas injection
  • Pure air injection Zero validation*
  • Calibration validation taking into account the usage rate*

All of these operations can be done without opening the detector, using a unique magnetic key. Access to the maintenance mode is protected to prevent accidental reprogramming of the unit. The units are available at 125 V AC, 230 V AC or 24 V DC.

* Automatic adjustment of zero and sensitivity

Key Features

  • Non-intrusive, one-man calibration
  • 4-20 mA analog transmitter with display
  • SIL2 capability for combustible gases
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Built for industrial applications
  • Detects O2, combustible, toxic and refrigerant gases
  • New XP IR infrared sensor for combustible gases or CO2
  • Available with remote sensor head, flameproof or intrinsic safety versions

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