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Catalytic Oxidation Detector for Efficient Detection of Industrial Gas Risks - MultiXplo DM-CX6

The effectiveness of catalytic oxidation gas detectors (response time - accuracy - high reliability degree) provides perfect protection against gas risks in industrial areas.

The MultiXplo DM-CX6 has a measuring principle based on low temperature catalytic oxidation OXYCOLTM and this principle allows detecting any combustible gas and provides the detector an excellent long lifetime. This unique technology makes it specifically resistant against aggressive compounds. This method offers both cost efficiency and high quality detection for industrial applications.

This detector can be effortlessly maintained and installed because of its removable and interchangeable cartridge and also the wall mounting bracket separated from electronics.

Key Features

  • Short response time
  • Catalytic oxidation
  • Linear response and stability over time
  • Removable and interchangeable cartridge
  • Low temperature catalytic oxidation OXYCOLTM
  • Unique ambiguity cancellation system LEL/UEL


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