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Highly Selective Toxic Gas or Oxygen Detection - MultiTox DMI-TT6/TO6

The MultiTox DMI-TT6 range of detectors are available for a wide range of toxic gases, and are known for their excellent selectivity. Electrochemical cells are considered to be the only solution for specific applications. Besides being used in several demanding solutions, the MultiTox DMI-TT6 is also available for Oxygen detection.

The DMI-TO6 and DMI-TT6 are developed from a common housing and electronics with the detection properties being established by the type of sensor (cartridge) used. A variety of cells are available, including hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide and ammonia to name a few. The cells are intrinsically safe, and could also be replaced with the detector powered. This versatile housing is also used for catalytic gas detector as well for the company’s semiconductor (MOS) detector - although these units are certified flameproof, not intrinsically safe.

The intelligent, microprocessor driven unit can be completely configured using a wireless handheld terminal (TLU) offering true flexibility to the installer. Elements such as alarm levels and relay operation are all set via the TLU, hazardous area approved handheld unit.

Key Features

  • Electrochemical cell technology
  • Wireless, certified configuration tool
  • Available in aluminum only
  • HART (R) option
  • Built-in humidity and temperature compensation
  • Configuration and maintenance by a single technician
  • Hot swap sensor cartridges, “No-touch”field cabling

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