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Fixed-Point Monitoring in Non-Harsh Environments - AirAware™

The AirAware™ from Teledyne delivers industry-proven performance along with the latest, low-profile design. These features make AirAware™ a logical option for those crucial areas where constant monitoring is required without the environmental protection of an explosion-proof enclosure.

Featuring improved aesthetics and offering discrete monitoring for more institutional or commercial environments, the AirAware™ Series delivers the perfect solution for consistent and low-cost fixed-point monitoring.

Users can configure the AirAware™ to function as a monitor with a transmitter with 4 to 20 mA or ModBus RTU outputs, a controller with onboard relay switching capability, a local LED display, or as a transmitter with on-board relays. Every configuration has been designed to fulfill users’ particular indoor monitoring requirements.

Every AirAware™ is fitted with dual alarm LEDs, electrochemical sensing technology, a NEMA 4 type enclosure, push-button operation, and a digital display offering real-time readings. Upon meeting alarm conditions, high and low alarm visual indicators alert users about gas hazards.

The availability of various output options enables the AirAware™ to interact with control external audible and visual alarms or external controllers. Each AirAware™ unit is ModBus-enabled for digital communication back to a DCS or PLC system. In addition, an optional 4 to 20 mA output is available to link the AirAware™ to virtually any control device.

Moreover, relays can be added to switch on warning sirens or fans, or to shut down a process. While 12–24 VDC is the standard operating power for the AirAware™, a 120 VAC power supply option is also available for easy plug-in monitoring applications.

Users can configure their AirAware™ to match their requirements, adding options such as a vanity plate to conceal the display or on-board audible alarm for maximum attention. The AirAware™ comes with a one-year warranty and also carries CSA approval for non-hazardous sites.


  • Cost-effective monitoring
  • Mod Bus RTU outputs or 4 to 20 mA
  • Can track CO, NO2, H2S, Cl2, NH3, O2, SO2, HCl, or NO
  • Integrated buzzer/alarm
  • Commercial or light industrial
  • Can transmit, track, and control





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