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Flame Detector for Dirty Environments and Smoke Fires – Triple Wavelength Detection – MultiFlame DM-TV6-T

The MultiFlame DM-TV6-T is a multi-spectrum infrared flame detector that uses three wavelengths. The DM-TV6-T responds to hydrocarbon fires and is the ideal choice for functioning in dirty environments or for the detection of smoky fires. The DM-TV6-T is engineered to respond to undesirable hydrocarbon fires, while upholding a high degree of false alarm immunity.

The device provides an extensive range of output options, as standard and is ideal for use in SIL 3 applications. The unit may be interfaced directly with a variety of controllers, fire panels and PLCs etc.

The unit is completely configurable using a wireless handheld terminal (TLU600) offering true flexibility to the installer. Time delays, output configuration and sensitivity are all set up via the TLU, a hazardous area approved hand-held unit.

Wireless testing of the optical and output circuits is also possible using the TLU600.

Key Features

  • Flexible installation
  • Immunity to false alarms
  • Configurable to suit application
  • Wide angle of vision
  • Wireless maintenance terminal
  • Easy replacement of modules
  • SIL 3 certified
  • Hart (R) option

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