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IC for Batteryless RF Communication

IC for Batteryless RF Communication

Panasonic has now added the MN63Y1221-E1 to its range of NFC tags. The MN63Y1221-E1 is a new IC for batteryless RF communication that ensures low power consumption and global interoperability.

The MN63Y1221-E1 is compliant with ISO/IEC14443 Type A (106 kbps), JISX6319-4 (212 kbps/ 424 kbps) and ISO/IEC14443 Type B (106 kbps/212 kbps/424 kbps) 13.56-MHz contactless IC card standard, thus ensuring global interoperability. The device is available in a small SON8 package and offers an I2C host interface.

It obtains benefits from 8 Kbit FeRAM non-volatile built-in memory that supports 100 million write cycles and can be secured by a 128bit password from unauthorized access. The availability of an energy harvesting output allows the host to be powered by the energy harvested from the NFC magnetic field.

The supply voltage range is 1.7 V up to 3.6 V. The MN63Y1221-E1 NFC tag IC offers three communication modes: RF, serial, and tunnel (the tunnel mode permits direct communication between the writer/ reader and the host). The MN63Y1221-E1, along with its global interoperability, is considered to be perfect for use in many applications, such as Bluetooth/WiFi pairing, setup/diagnostics and wireless connectivity and HMI.

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