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Strain Gage - SG-01

The Strain Gage SG-01 from FBGS is the fiber optic equivalent of an electrical strain gage. It can be mounted straight onto the surface of a structure with the help of an adhesive. Like this, the fiber sensor makes direct contact with the surface and therefore accurately measures the strain at the surface.

Parameter Value
Strain resolution1 0.85 µε
Strain precision1 1.7 µε
Strain range 1% (long term)
5% (short term)
Operating temperature range2 -50 °C to +130 °C
Active gage length3 8 mm
Overall gage length4 28 mm
Standard pigtail length 500 mm / 500 mm
Coating material ORMOCER®
Fiber diameter (coated) 195 µm
Tubing material PVDF
Tubing diameter 0.9 mm
Connector type FC/APC

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