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High Precision Chain with Multiple Sensors - TC-01 BETA

The Temperature Chain TC-01 from FBGS is a spliceless chain of many high-precision fiber optic temperature sensors in series on a single fiber. The sensors are all housed in a 1.2 mm stainless steel tube which is directly connectorized on one end using a spliceless pigtail.

The TC-01 Beta is a versatile high-precision instrument with multiple sensors that can be configured according to the customer’s needs. The length of the tube is 15 cm and the temperature precision is 1 °C.

Parameter Value
Temperature resolution1 0.1 °C
Temperature precision1 1 °C
Sensor temperature range2,3 0 °C to +140 °C
Housing length Max. 150 mm
Housing diameter 1.2 mm
Housing material SS316
Number of sensors Max. 1 sensor/cm
Distance between sensors Min. 1 cm
Pigtail diameter 0.9 mm
Pigtail length 1 m
Pigtail material PTFE
Connector type FC/APC or other

1 Using a depolarized measurement device with a 1 pm wavelength resolution and precision.
2 Extendable on request.
3 For the sensor, not for the connector.

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