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Benchtop Electronic Nose - zNose® 7100

The Model 7100 Benchtop zNose® is an economical high-performance benchtop gas chromatography device. It is built to test and quantify, with unrivaled accuracy within seconds, chemical odors related with any chemical or biological process. It is a viable rapid GC analyzer that can detect and quantify all types of compounds with part-per-trillion sensitivity. It detects hydrocarbons in the range of C4-C25, and is provided with a good power backup that works for 12-24 hours, based on the usage.

The Model 7100 is a benchtop system that is convenient to use on a laboratory workbench but cannot be moved to other locations.

  • Portable low-cost package
  • Offers excellent accuracy
  • Dynamic detection range of 2 x 104
  • Requires less training
  • Analyze organic, biological and chemical compounds
  • Laptop computer functions with Windows operating system

Key Applications

Homeland Security

The Model 7100 Benchtop zNose® can prevent homeland security threats by detecting chemical vapors and odors produced by biological weapons, explosives and chemical weapons.

  • Airport security
  • Building security
  • Port and cargo security


It can identify the odor of chemical compounds, fuels, fragrances, etc. to detect contamination with parts-per-trillion sensitivity.

  • Fuels
  • Plastics
  • Fragrance

Life Science

It performs quick analysis of odor and aromatic signatures of living organisms with comprehensive chemical profile.

  • Plants
  • Animals
  • Bacteria and molds

Food and Beverages

It performs quantitative and qualitative analysis of food aroma and beverage quality analysis.

  • Food aroma
  • Beverages


It controls the level of damaging emissions in the atmosphere with real-time analysis of odors in air, water and soil.

  • Odor management
  • Water, air and soil


It can test the chemical composition of body fluids, blood and urine with speed and precision.

  • Hygiene
  • Diagnostics

How Does zNose® Work?

The zNose® range of products are all equipped with leading ultra-fast gas chromatography and surface acoustic wave technologies.

Its application involves a simple three-step process that quantifies all types of odor within a minute with accuracy, precision and speed.

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