Long-Term Stable Indoor Air Quality Sensor – SGP

The multi-pixel gas sensor SGP makes room for new possibilities that help in measuring indoor air quality. The long-term stable metal-oxide gas sensor is available with multiple sensing elements on one chip providing detailed information on air quality.

The SGP gas sensor is based on Sensirion’s multi-pixel platform, which incorporates four gas sensing elements into an extremely small 2.45 x 2.45 x 0.9 mm3 DFN package available with a completely calibrated air quality output signal.

The unparalleled combination of prolonged stability and multi-pixel technology makes way for new possibilities for environmental monitoring in appliances, smart home and Internet of Things applications. The SGP allows the addition of metal-oxide gas sensors into mobile devices because of its unique performance.

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Standard metal-oxide gas sensors suffer from poor prolonged stability including a strong increase in response time and a rapid loss of sensitivity. This degradation is caused via irreversible contamination by specific chemical compounds such as siloxanes, which are ubiquitous in real-life applications because of their widespread use in production environments and consumer products.

Sensirion’s proprietary metal-oxide technology and multi-pixel platform provide the SGP with an unparalleled robustness against these contaminants leading to unique long-term accuracy and stability. Thus, a reliable metal-oxide gas sensor is truly available with the SGP.

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