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Ambient Oxygen Measurement – UV Flux Sensor

This UV Flux 25% Oxygen Sensor is capable of measuring ambient oxygen levels using the principle of florescence quenching by oxygen. This offers the benefits of a longer lifetime and lower power requirements.

The UV Flux MX board provides temperature, pressure and humidity compensation, enabling accurate operation over an extensive environmental range without the requirement for extra system components.


  • Low drift and cross-sensitivity
  • MX board includes barometric pressure, temperature and % relative humidity sensors
  • MX board allows for easy sensor calibration
  • MX board adds RS485 industry-standard interface
  • Easy integration; low power and compact

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CM-42951 Development Kit – Easy to use, simply plug the MX Board into the PC through USB. The free GasLab® software can be used for measuring and graphing carbon dioxide, temperature, barometric pressure and % relative humidity. The kit is also available with on-board memory for data logging.

CM-42950 MX Board – Same functionality as the development kit without software or USB cable.

OX-0052 Sensor Only – for incorporation into high-volume OEM products.

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