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Smart EC Sensor for up to 25% Oxygen by Volume

The Alphasense oxygen sensor has been designed to provide scientists, engineers and students with a reliable and accurate way for measuring up to 25% oxygen levels by volume.

The circuit board's microprocessor offers zero and span calibration as well as temperature, barometric pressure and % relative humidity sensors. When used in a remote device, the sensor features on-board memory to log data.


  • Circuit board adds RS485 industry-standard interface
  • Effortless integration; low power and compact
  • Electrochemical (EC) sensor measures up to 25% oxygen
  • Circuit board includes barometric pressure, temperature and % relative humidity sensors

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CM-32911 Development Kit – Easy to use, just plug the board into the PC via USB. Use the free GasLab® software to measure and also graph barometric pressure, oxygen levels, % relative humidity and temperature. The kit is available with on-board memory for data logging.

CM-32910 Circuit Board – Same functionality as the development kit without software and USB cable.

AP-0001 Sensor Only – for integration into high-volume OEM products.

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