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Low Power Thermoelectric Temperature Controller, LDT-5416 for Long Term Temperature Stability

The LDT-5416 Thermoelectric Temperature Controller from Newport provides a stable, low noise bipolar output and is enhanced for regulating the temperature of photodetectors and laser diodes. It is designed to be economical and flexible.

The unit’s hybrid proportional-integral control loop offers rapid settling times with a typical long term temperature stability of ±0.01 °C

  • High stability within 0.01 °C for sensitive experiments
  • 16 W output to work with several lower power applications
  • Three display modes offer easy access to information
  • Hybrid P-I control loop for simple and quick settling time
  • Three thermistor modes for a wide range of usable thermistors
  • Visual fault indicators for instant notification of errors

Technical Specifications

TE Current Range -4.0 to +4.0 A
TE Voltage Range -4 to +4 V
TE Output Power 16 W
Thermister Control Range 0 - 199.9 kΩ
Connector Type DB15
Computer Interfaces None
Display Type 4 digit green LED

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