VarioCAM® HD Head 900 – Infrared Camera

With its 3.1MP in IR-format, the global unique infrared system VarioCAM® HD head 900 offers a new definition to the premium segment of uncooled industrial cameras and ensures for precise infrared recordings in brilliant photographic quality.

  • Rugged light metal housing IP67
  • Image format: (2,048 x 1,536) IR pixels optomechanical MicroScan feature
  • GigE- and process interface
  • Recording and storage of IR frames rates with up to 240 Hz

Infrared camera VarioCAM® HD head 900 series from InfraTec.

Infrared camera VarioCAM® HD head 900 series from InfraTec.

Infrared camera VarioCAM® HD head 900 series with notebook.

Infrared camera VarioCAM® HD head 900 series with notebook.

Infrared camera VarioCAM® HD head 900 series front view.

Infrared camera VarioCAM® HD head 900 series front view.

Airborne thermography with VarioCAM® HD head 900.

Airborne thermography with VarioCAM® HD head 900.

Details About Infrared Camera

Spectral range (7.5 ... 14) µm
Detector Uncooled Microbolometer Focal Plane Array
Detector format (IR pixels) (1,024 × 768)
Image format with opto-mechanical MicroScan (IR pixels) (2,048 × 1,536)
Temperature measuring range (-40 ... 2,000) °C*
Measurement accuracy ± 1 °C or ± 1 %*
Temperature resolution @ 30 °C Up to 0.02 K*
Frame rate Full-frame: 30 Hz (1,024 × 768), sub-frame formats*: 60 Hz (640 × 480)/120 Hz (384 × 288)/240 Hz (1,024 × 96)
Window mode* Yes
Storage media SDHC Card, external control computer for camera control and data acquisition*
Image storage Time-, trigger- und temperature controlled recording of 16 bit single frames or image sequences with timestamp, video streaming in MPEG format
Lens mount Bayonet to comfortably switch objectives, automatic objective detection and data transfer; screw-on interface*
Focus Motor-driven, automatic or manual, accurately adjustable
Zoom Up to 32x digital, stepless
Dynamic range 16 bit
Interfaces GigE-Vision*, DVI-D (HDMI), C-Video, RS232, USB 2.0, WLAN*
Trigger* 2× digital I/O, 2× analogue I/O
Tripod adapter 1/4" photo thread
Power supply AC adapter, (12 ... 24) V DC, PoE*
Storage and operation temperature (-40 ... 70) °C, (-25 ... 55) °C
Protection degree IP54, IEC 60529, IP67 with screw-on interface*
Impact strength/vibration resistance in operation 25 G (IEC 68 - 2 - 29), 2 G (IEC 68 - 2 - 6)
Dimensions; weight (221 × 90 × 94) mm; 1.15 kg (basic configuration with standard lens)
Further functions Camera internal emissivity correction, shutter free operation, use of various colour sets, contrast enhancement, user profile, language selection
Analysis and evaluation software* IRBIS® 3, IRBIS® 3 report, IRBIS® 3 view, IRBIS® 3 plus*, IRBIS® 3 professional*, IRBIS® 3 remote HD, IRBIS® 3 control*, IRBIS® 3 online*, IRBIS® 3 process*, IRBIS® 3 active*, IRBIS® 3 mosaic*, IRBIS® 3 vision*, FORNAX 2*, FORNAX 2 plus*
  *optional, depending on model  


Function of Infrared Cameras Series VarioCAM® HD Head

  • Geometrical resolution up to 3.1 MP because of an integrated MicroScan feature
  • Storage of quick infrared sequences with up to 240 Hz
  • High-precision calibration of infrared cameras allows for high accuracy of measurements
  • Detection of minor defects with high thermal resolution
  • Full range of precision interchangeable lenses enables for a wide variety of applications
  • Permanent autofocus for optimal focusing
  • Unobstructed operation of the infrared camera in rough industrial environments
  • Fast and comprehensive analysis using the integrated IRBIS® 3 software package

Application Areas for Infrared Camera

Material Testing

Save time and costs by non-destructively testing parts using InfraTec’s infrared camera systems.

Glass Industry

Temperature distributions behind and on glass are measured correctly by using selected spectral filters.

Plastics Industry

Cost-efficient control of die-casting and extrusion processes using infrared camera systems.

Electronics and Electrical Engineering

Measure temperature distributions of tiniest electronic parts with infrared camera systems.

Automotive Industry

Infrared camera systems help users to secure a superior product quality in production and from suppliers.

Aerospace Industry

Comply with maximum security demands by applying advanced infrared camera systems.

Early Fire Detection

Effectively secure goods and appliances by incorporating infrared thermography into an automated early fire detection solution.

Site Surveillance (IROD)

Monitor buildings and free space using automated infrared camera solutions against illegal entries.

Thermal Optimization

Identify possible issues already in the development phase prior to serial production.

Thermographic Biologic and Geologic Studies

Look for smallest temperature changes in biotopes, landscapes, and labs using infrared camera models of maximum measurement precision.


Advanced infrared technology expands the options of the Police´s investigation capabilities by expanding range performance, completely passive technology, and 24/7 operation options.


Robust, uncooled thermal sensors and advanced optical design create highest range performance and high image resolution for fast missions and long-term observation tasks.

Stationary Industrial Solutions

Gain competitive edge by bespoke and advanced automation solution with superior quality and industrial proof thermal images and parts.

Human Medicine

Non-contact and non-invasive thermography is an extensively accepted diagnostic technique.

Veterinary Medicine

Using thermography to quickly make accurate diagnosis in a wide field of illnesses.


VarioCAM® HD head provides high-resolution thermography for stationary use in a wide range of sectors and application areas.

VarioCAM® HD head

The thermal imaging cameras of the series VarioCAM® HD head, available from InfraTec, are based on the latest-generation uncooled microbolometer FPA detectors. The largest detector in its class, the IR camera provides brilliant 16-bit thermography images with up to 1,024 × 768 IR pixels. IR image formats with a geometric resolution of 3.1 MP are possible, thanks to the opto-mechanical MicroScan unit. With this technology, the thermal radiation of the measurement object hits a rotating germanium disc and is redirected through the disc’s tumbling motion according to a precise pattern.

Thus, the measurement object is portrayed thermally with no gap, which represents a detector fill factor of 100%. The geometric resolution rises to 2,048 × 1,536 IR pixels, corresponding to the actual temperature measurement values. Thus, detailed thermograms that ensure precise measurement and recording of complex-structured measurement objects are produced.

The VarioCAM® HD head gains significantly in reproduction quality and image sharpness compared to merely software-based methods to increasing the number of pixels, which on the contrary produce only interpolated image points. Measurement errors that occur due to geometry can be reliably prevented. The thermal imaging cameras, in combination with an outstanding thermal resolution of up to 20 mK, are suitable for advanced fixed mount stationary measurement and test tasks from process optimization, production, quality assurance, research and development, and aerial imaging.

Ideally Equipped for the Hardest Conditions

Often, applications at such a high technological level are combined with adverse environmental situations. Therefore, belonging to the equipment of the complete series is a shock-resistant light metal housing that prevents dirt, dust and waster, and, if needed, fulfills the requirements of level of protection IP67. The compact housing dimensions and robust design allow problem-free installation in the rawest process situations. The correct stainless steel protective housing with optional heating or cooling provides additional protection when the surrounding temperatures reach very high or low values.

Furthermore, a look inside reveals how the VarioCAM® HD head is adaptable. The camera series supports industry-wide standards for image processing and data transfer with GenICam and GigE Vision. Therefore, each model is both usable through the convenient and efficient thermography software IRBIS® 3 from InfraTec and enables easy integration into existing system environments based on the standards.

Fast Optics Guarantee Precise Results

Due to many years of collaboration with Jenoptik, InfraTec provides a broad range of high-quality optics for the VarioCAM® HD head. With the single microscope objective, for instance, users can record small structures of up to 17 µm. This optic is just as remarkable as the additional super-wide angle or telescopic lenses with f/1.0 light intensity and multiple anti-reflective coatings. Thus, the thermography system ensures a highest flexibility and supports a stable high measurement quality with the most different tasks.

All-Rounder among the Stationary Thermal Imaging Cameras

There are numerous possibilities to use these advantages. The models of the series are powerful thermography systems for even in their stand-alone versions. The adaptability of the thermal imaging cameras is shown particularly in the individual assembly of a total package that is tailored to the respective measurement and test conditions on site.

In addition to the fast infrared precision optics, the extensions and modules of the IRBIS® 3 software family and excitation sources and controllers suitable for continuous operation complete the extensive array of accessories. This means, a large number of potential applications for the user. This ranges from active thermography to aerial thermography, micro-thermography up to object monitoring. Furthermore, the VarioCAM® HD head is a vital component of many key-ready automation solutions available from InfraTec.

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