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FemtoSecond Grating Fiber

The featured FemtoSecond Grating (FSG®) is a fiber Bragg grating fabricated with ultra-short laser pulses, using an exclusive special through-the-coating inscription method. The inscribed FSG® maintains the untouched high strength of the optical fiber and incorporates new performance features.

FSG®s written in polyimide coated low attenuation fiber.

The FSG-A01 is a uniform apodized grating written into a high-strength 125 μm (cladding diameter) polyimide coated optical fiber, enhanced for functioning in the 1550 nm wavelength window.

Parameter FSG-A01
Reflectivity ≥ 50%
FWHM (Typical value) 300 pm
Centre wavelength 1510 nm to 1590 nm
Absolute wavelength accuracy ≤ 0.5 nm
Relative wavelength accuracy ≤ 0.3 nm
Birefringence effect (Typical value) < 8 pm
Grating length ~ 4 mm
Grating type Uniform apodized
Side Lobe Suppression ratio (Typical value) ≥ 10 dB
Grating separation (center to center) ≥ 5 mm
Fiber coating Polyimide
Core diameter 10.4 μm
Cladding diameter 125 μm
Coating diameter 155±5 μm
Numerical Aperture 0.11-0.14
Fiber attenuation ≤0.6 dB/km
Temperature Operating range -55 to 300 °C
Typical Tensile strength FSG according to IEC60793 @ 30 mm/min > 4 GPa
(> 5% strain)

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