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Small Motor Dynamometer from HITEC Sensor Developments

The Model 90407 Conveyor Test Stand offered by Sensor Developments Inc. is a device used for testing operational parameters of a conveyor roller/motor. The system operates the conveyor roller/motor and carries out loading operations, while recording all of the vital motor/roller parameters for later study.


01424 Sensor

Resolution 16 bits
Accuracy 0.1%
Power Input 12 VDC
Temperature Range –20 to +85 deg C
Temperature Drift 0.005% per deg C max
Encoder 1024 PPR Quadrature
Speed (in 90407 application 4000 RPM max



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Torque 138 inlb max
Speed 4000 RPM max
Power Input (20 ohm coil) 1.8 amps DC max
Temperature Range -20 to +85 deg C
Encoder 1024 PPR Quadrature
Speed 4000 RPM max



Thermocouple Type J, insulated (non-grounded)


Data Acquisition System Inputs

Resolution 16 bits
Bandwidth (Temperature) 2 Hz
Bandwidth (all others 4 Hz
Sample Rate (200 readings/second, 40 readings averaged/sample) 5 samples/second
Record Rate – Automatic Test (each value recorded every 3 samples for settling purposes) 1.67 values/second
Record Rate – Manual Test 5 values/second
Power 120 VAC, 60 Hz


Data Acquisition System Outputs

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Resolution (analog outputs) 16 bits
Update Rate 5 updates/second
Analog Output Voltage 0 to 10 VDC
Relay Contacts Form C (SPDT), 5 amps max.

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