High-Speed 5% CO2 Sensor – 20 Readings Per Second

The SprintIR6S is a high speed CO2 sensor designed to take up to 20 readings per second - six times faster than the existing SprintIR. Integrated with the MX board, it is ideal for applications where the capture of quickly changing CO2 concentrations is needed.


  • Easy integration, compact and low power
  • NDIR LED Sensor Measures up to 5% CO2
  • MX Board includes barometric pressure, temperature and % relative humidity sensors
  • Ultra-fast response rate - 20 readings/second
  • MX Board adds RS485 Industry-standard Interface


GC-0028 Sensor Only – for integration into high-volume OEM products.

CM-40301 Development Kit – Easy to use, just plug the MX Board into the PC via USB. Use the free GasLab® software to measure and graph CO2, temperature, barometric pressure, and % relative humidity. It includes on-board memory for data logging.

CM-40300 MX Board – Same functionality as the development kit without USB cable or software.

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