10,000 ppm CO2 Sensor for Solar Powered Applications

The LP8 miniature 10,000 ppm CO2 sensor is built from the ground up for solar-powered or long-term battery applications. It utilizes a flexible CO2 measurement period to reduce power consumption. One measurement requires just 11.9 mJ of energy.


  • Ultra-small footprint NDIR sensor
  • Variable measurement period to save energy
  • Designed for long-term battery operation

A broad range of voltages (2.9-5.5 V) enables a range of power options. For instance, it can be powered by three alkaline 1.5 V batteries, or a single 3.6 V Li-SOCl2 battery for a more compact alternative.


SE-0038 LP8 Sensor Only - For incorporation into high-volume OEM products. In stock for next-day delivery.

CM-0217 Development Kit - Easy usage, just plug the sensor module into the PC via USB. The development board offers the required super-capacitor to test operation from low current sources. Use the free GasLab® software to measure and graph CO2, for data logging or to configure the sensor.

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