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Direct Drive NEMA 23 Rotary Stages – Omni™ Series

The OmniRH Series rotary stages enable OEMs to realize smooth and accurate motion profiles and easily route cables and other system elements via a large through hole. Designed with Omni™ direct drive motors from Applimotion, PurePrecision™ optical encoder technology from Celera Motion and precision bearings, the OmniRH rotary stages provide the advantages of direct drive rotary motor performance in a regular NEMA 23 motor package.


Continuous Torque 0.076 Nm [10.8 oz-in]
Peak Torque 0.106 Nm [32 oz-in]
Rated Speed @ 24 V 2000 rpm
Continuous Current 2 Amps
Resistance 4.9 Ohms
Motor Constant 0.038 Nm/w1/2 [5.4 Oz-in/w1/2]
Torque Constant 0.085 Nm/amp [12 Oz-in/amp]
Voltage Constant 8.8 Vpk/krpm
Inductance 6 Mh +/- 25%
Cogging Torque 0.0018 Nm [0.25 oz-in]
Inertia 0.000023 kg-cm-sec2 [0.00002 lb-in-sec2]
Thermal Resistance 4.2 °C/Watt
Weight 0.23 kg [0.5 lb]


  • Integrated motor, encoder and bearing makes it easy to upgrade current NEMA 23 stepper or servo motors
  • High performance direct drive motor technology and high precision encoder
  • Low cogging for accurate and smooth motion
  • High mechanical stiffness and low rotor inertia for efficient control of extremely dynamic axes
  • Axial through hole for convenient routing of cables, sensing technologies, optics, and other system elements
  • Compatible with broad variety of drives and controllers

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