High Irradiance UVB-UVA Source – PhotoTest 450

Bentham’s PhotoTest450 system is a trolley-based high irradiance UVB-UVA source – and visible monochromatic radiation, created for in vivo application, signifying a vital tool in phototoxicity testing, photogenotoxicity testing, and in the investigation of potential phototoxic hazards in trials of systemic and topical drugs.

The PhotoTest450 is reliable and economical to operate. It is used in numerous hospitals, health centers, and research centers worldwide, enhancing the effectiveness, availability, convenience of light-based treatments.

Core Benefits

  • Reduced exposure times due to high irradiance monochromatic probe
  • Trolley-mounted, portable system custom-made for use at point-of-care or in clinics
  • Ultimate measurement confidence via real-time dosimetry and high accuracy monochromatic probe
  • Offers better diagnosis broadband/solar simulator based phototesting solutions


  • Flexible liquid light guide beam delivery
  • Offers coverage of visible and UV (280 to 600 nm)
  • Accurate real-time dosimetry of monochromatic probe employing calibrated integrating sphere based power meter
  • Efficiently coupled 450 W xenon source/ monochromator tunable light source
  • System calibration traceable to PTB, Germany
  • Accurate exposure time delivered using automated shutters
  • Easy-to-use Windows TES software completely automates process with minimum training required (USB 2.0)
  • No lamp water-cooling required


  • Phototoxicity testing
  • Photogenotoxicity testing
  • Exploring potential phototoxic risk in trials of systemic and topical drugs

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