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Increased Geometrical Resolution for Thermographic Cameras – MicroScan

Microscan from InfraTec has been designed to significantly increase the geometrical resolution capability of the ImageIR® camera series by quadrupling the image format for a radiometric thermography camera. Images can be recorded with up to (2,560 × 2,048) IR pixels (5.2 Megapixels), with users benefiting from a vastly improved resolution of fine structures in the thermogram.

A newly-developed fast-rotating MicroScan wheel is integrated into the camera, and allows for four different individual exposures to be taken per wheel revolution, offset laterally by half a pixel each. Individual exposures are combined in real time into a thermogram with quadruple image format. Each pixel in the image represents a genuine temperature measured value,  and not an interpolated image point, with images noticeably gaining in quality through the spatial oversampling of the MicroScan.

MicroScan’s high speed allows for thermographic analysis of processes with moving measurement objects or changing temperatures. Exposures are enormously low in noise and show the measurement objects with very fine resolution.

Feature highlights

  • Fast and efficient
  • Simplifies evaluation and analysis of thermograms as more detail can be recognized on the images.
  • Newly-developed fast-rotating MicroScan wheel integrated into the camera
  • Can be used in micro-thermography, and a wide variety of security applications.
  • Exposures are extremely low in noise and show the measurement objects with very fine resolution.

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