Low-Profile Direct Drive Motors - Javelin™ Series

Javelin™ Series

Model: Javelin Double-Sided

The Javelin Series allows original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to create high performance, reliable systems that are small and lightweight, using adaptable and easily integrated linear motor components. The state-of-the art, magnetic design of the Javelin Series delivers high acceleration and high speeds in compact form factors. High mechanical stiffness, low cogging and zero backlash are enabled by the direct drive technology and air core (ironless) construction, resulting in reduced settling times and increased system performance and throughput.

Product Benefits


  • Easy to integrate into system design
  • Compatible with a broad range of drives and controllers
  • High acceleration and high speeds
  • Low cogging for precise and smooth motion
  • Low force inertia and high mechanical stiffness allow efficient control of highly dynamic axes
  • Single- and double-sided magnetic tracks available to enhance force and footprint
  • Custom windings and form factors available to fulfill application requirements


. .
Continous Force 49 to 143 N
Peak Force 148 to 420 N
Maximum Speed @100 V 3 to 21 m/s
Peak Current 10.0 to 22.2 Amps
Magnet Pole Pitch 29.21, 30.0 mm
Motor Attraction Force 0 N

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