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Biosensor for Multiparametric Flow-Through Applications - LV5

Innovative Sensor Technology offers their LV5 sensor, which exceeds the possibilities of multi-parametric measurements. For instance, concentration measurements of glucose, lactate, glutamine and glutamate can all be obtained simultaneously and reliably using this flow-through biosensor. Also, the extremely small size of the sensor’s flow cell (1 µL) means that analysis can be effectively conducted on even the smallest of sample volumes.

Furthermore, users are now able to conduct their own evaluation of the LV5 biosensor using Innovative Sensor Technology’s Six Biosensor Transmitter – a highly precise evaluation kit for Amperometric Biosensors. With USB connectivity, an excellent current precision of approximately 20 pA, and integrated bioMON software for simple data collection and analysis, this transmitter is highly beneficial for use with the LV5.

Overall, the advantages of the LV5 biosensor makes it ideal for use in laboratories or for applications within food, chemical and pharmaceutical trades.

LV5 Feature Highlights

  • Good long-term stability over a month in continuous measurement mode
  • Excellent lifetime duration
  • Compatible with gamma and beta irradiation
  • Continuous and analyzer modes are available
  • Rapid rate of response
  • Offers reference, counter and blank electrodes on-chip
  • Integrated flow cell of various volumes, including 1 µL for very small sample volumes.
  • Can be evaluated using the Six Biosensor Transmitter, with bioMON software for data collection and analysis.

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