Indoor CO2 Monitoring to 10,000 ppm

The K30 10,000ppm Sensor Module can be built into various host devices that need CO2 monitoring indoors. For OEMs who want to incorporate CO2 sensing into their products, the K30 10,000ppm Sensor provides an accurate, proven, low-cost solution.


  • Pre-calibrated, simple to install, and ready-to-use
  • Low cost, proven reliability
  • Flexible analog and digital outputs
  • Ideal for industrial, commercial, and residential IAQ or HVAC applications
  • Maintenance free in normal applications

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SE-0018 K30 10,000 ppm CO2 Sensor Only this can be integrated into high-volume OEM products. can be directly contacted for wholesale pricing on large quantities of this sensor.

CM-0024 10,000 ppm CO2 Sensor Development Kit – This is easy to use; users can simply plug the sensor module into their PC through USB. The free GasLab® software can be used for data logging, to measure and graph carbon dioxide, or to configure the sensor.

SE-0018-C Customized K30 CO2 Sensor - This enables users to custom order digital or analog outputs for their applications. After ordering, users can fax or email the Custom Outputs PDF form under the Documents tab, and will custom-configure their sensor’s settings. Users can refer the form for complete instructions and available options. If the form is not received, their sensor will be delivered with the default specifications.

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