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Long Life 25% or 95% O2 Sensor

The TR250Z is a long-life 95% or 25% oxygen level transmitter that offers multiple analog linear outputs of O2 concentrations. The sensor is designed to be maintenance-free and rugged, and it can be calibrated in normal air of any known oxygen concentration.


  • High accuracy
  • 95% or 25% oxygen levels
  • Non-Consumptive Technology
  • Manual or automatic calibration
  • Calibrate in fresh air or any known oxygen concentration
  • Linear or RS485-MODBUS output of measured oxygen content

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  • CM-0134 25% Oxygen Sensor
  • CM-0160 95% Oxygen Sensor
  • CM-0134-WT 25% Oxygen Sensor with Tube Cap
  • CM-0150 25% Oxygen Sensor with Mount Shield
  • CM-0160-WT 95% Oxygen Sensor with Tube Cap
  • CM-0161 95% Oxygen Sensor with Mount Shield

The Fujikura oxygen sensor utilized in the TR250Z is a current limiting, zirconium-based sensor. This type of sensor provides many benefits over other means of measuring oxygen. For instance, the sensor eliminates the need for periodic replacement or calibration, and if usage guidelines are followed it will last at least 3 years or more.

The majority of competitive chemical cell types last 6 to 12 months. Moreover, the TR250Z is accurate up to an oxygen concentration of +/- 0.5%. Usually, chemical cells have an accuracy rating in the 2 to 5% range.

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