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Desktop Sensor for CO2 Monitoring and Measurement - Gasbox NG

The Gasbox NG is the recent development in the NG product range from Edinburgh Sensors. It provides users with access to the Gascard NG range of CO2 detection products in a convenient and powerful desktop unit.

Requiring just an appropriate power supply and sample gas, the Gasbox NG delivers fast and reliable CO2 concentration data over a broad range of environmental temperatures and barometric pressures. It brings the reliability and accuracy of the Gascard NG gas sensors to the convenience of a desktop instrument. The Gasbox NG is ideal for CO2 monitoring in a varied range of applications from anaerobic digestion monitoring to plant physiology, where CO2 concentration in air-like atmospheres must be measured from ppm to tens of percent concentration.

The bit-switch controlled 4-20 mA or 0-20 mA output is perfectly suited for interfacing with a majority of data loggers. Alternatively, the optional RS232 interface and NG Logger software may be used to log the concentration information onto a PC (with a serial to USB converter) or ideal tablet computer.

The new aluminum enclosure offers an elegant and strong solution to housing the Gascard NG. This also provides an adaptable point sensor that may be used in a number of applications where a sensor is necessary to remotely monitor CO2 concentrations.

The core of the Gasbox NG is the Gascard which employs a pseudo dual beam NDIR measurement system for better stability and the reduction of long-term drift with least optical complexity and no moving parts.

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Key Features

  • Broad operating voltage range (7 V-30 V)
  • True RS232 communications for control and data
  • Modern electronics platform with the improved power and versatility of fast microprocessors
  • Field replaceable IR source
  • On-board barometric pressure correction in the range 800 mbar-1150 mbar
  • Extensive temperature compensation

Product Applications

  • Agriculture
  • Leak detection
  • Personal safety
  • Process control
  • Plant physiology

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